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Dato' Idris Buang...MENULIS.
Dato' Idris Buang

TRUST FRIENDSHIP & LOVE are the three most important elements that cement a bond or a relationship towards a common struggle.The timeline,or continuance of that common struggle depends upon the presence of just one pivotal attribute that is mutually required in people upon whom these elements are reposed and that word is called "sincerity". 

In the absence of this attribute all sense of purpose for togetherness shall therefore crumble collapses even at the tiniest unimaginably surreptitious pin-prick of betrayal.Who could have imagined that even Prophet Jesus was "sold" for a price of Thirty Pieces of Silver Coins by one of his very own trusted companions in the person of Judas !

 Had the same human failing infected any of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.'s Companions, we would not be blessed with the Ad-Deen or the Light as we have and see it today. Praise be to Allah SWT for showing Mankind the greatness in that word, " sincerity" as had been displayed by Abu Bakr,Ali ,Othman & Omar and latterly by ten of thousands more towards a poor uneducatered unlettered & illiterate friend who was mocked,rediculed despised & deserted by his own community including his uncles.

But we must not fail to see that it is in the person of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.himself , being quintessential Al-Amin.. the sincerest and most honest being,that harnessed the fairest of hearts, in order to be rightly reciprocated by his noble Companions.In him lay the greatest sense of sincerity that could be found in a man great that it melted and won over the hearts of many including some yet hardest and bitterest of foes like Abu Sufyan,Hendon,Washi,Khalid-Al-Waleed and many others.

 Muhammad S.A.W could have had the whole world under his feet and reigned as King of kings BUT he humbly chose to meet his Maker,Our Creator, in a state of Zuhud i.e without any worldly riches ,being true to the very letter of his own saying viz: "Riches are not from an abundance of wordly goods, but from a contented mind." !

 Looking back at the story of Prophet Jesus, suffice to say that eventhough it is with a Devine Intervention that Jesus was "saved" from the mockery of his said treacherous companion, I would have thought that for all he had done to spread the Message of Allah SWT, he deserved to have a better treatment from his so-called avowed follower & close friend ,Judas ! Have you got any "Judas" around you? Sincerity is key ! SALAM MAULIDURRASUL !


  1. tq for sharing sis..
    very good article.. :)

  2. sya Allah....tq Sobri Yaakob.

  3. ya, benar sekali..ikhlas kerana Allah SWT..

  4. BETUL TU...Apa pun dlm hidup ni perlukan keikhlasan di hati...tq nohas

  5. Salam kenal, nice sharing, InshaAllah



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