Thursday, 1 July 2021



Everything that happened yesterday.
When I woke up in the morning
I did not feel like going to work
Mixed feelings was lingering in my mind
My heart was pounding strong
I asked my YM hubby what waa exactly the reason
On arrival to office I did my work as usual religiously
I was very ambitious for a day coz lots of priority job to settle
After lunch, all of a suddened I received call from YM hubby and left me in shocked. He called and left the phone hanging
I rushed home by cab.
The guard at the main gate entry was kind to assisst me getting a grab
I reached home safely.
While in the taxi, I had the opportunity to talk about "Bendera Putih" that Our Welfare Ministry launched.
Is good and it might helps
Bureucracy snaps people hearts and feelings.
The Indian driver told me, he registered his name under the food basket program, until now there is no respond from the office.
He said he got no rice at home already.
I paid him and told him to keep the change. I even asked him to get the "Free Beras" from Malakat Mall Store.
On arrival home, my sis and brother in law was already at my house. My YM hubby was still resting in bed
I did a light CPR to wake up his heart to pump faster because it was weak. After a while he resumed his normal heart rate and his sweat went off.
What an emergency situation I faced.
The Indian taxi man also wish YM hubby for speedy recovery.
Worry, socializing yet abled to discuss current issue with the Indian taxi driver good in speaking English.
That was my mixed feelings about yesterday
I accompanied my YM hubby to rest
But I was the one rest well till I crossed the Maghrib prayer as well.
Masyaa Allah
Allah knows the reason why?
In syaa Allah.
I was damped too tired


  1. Semoga suami kak PI cepat sembuh... InsyaAllah..semuanya akan baik baik aje

    1. tksh azian Alhamdulillah suami kak insya-Allah

  2. Semoga suami puan sihat-sihat sahaja.. jangan lupa hantar ke hospital sekiranya keadaan agak serius.

    1. tksh fairus sebenarnya kongsi catatan pn salmah...beliau n suaminya pernah datang ziarah kak sebelum pkp dulu...bersama kita doakan semoga kshtn suaminya segera beransur pulih

  3. Tiba-tiba teringat lagu Yesterday When I Was Young pulak!

  4. have a speedy recovery... rest well.

  5. Semoga asben kak PI cepat sembuh. Aamiin yra :)

  6. semoga suami kawan kak PI segera sembuh... kesian kan baca tentang kesusahan pemandu tu, yang memerlukan bantuan tak dibantu, nak kibar bendera putih pun ada pihak yang bagi komen sinis, apa la nak jadi dengan menteri-menteri kita

  7. Didoakan suami kawan K PI dikurniakan kesembuhan dengan kadar segera.
    Betullah tu bantuan memang ada tapi macam-macam karenah birokrasi pulak.
    Ada kawan cakap kalau gereja punya senang aje dapat bantuannya terus pergi gereja tu ambil je tak payah isi-isi borang wallahualam.

  8. Semoga Allah permudahkan dan beri kesembuhan. amiinn..


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